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Bobbin Instructions

Below are the instructions for assembling our Bobbin kits . These are the mice and the houses bobbins.

Bobbins 1

First you should have 17 parts for each bobbin. There are 2 rings with larger inner holes and tabs for the centre of the bobbin to slot into and 2 rings with smaller holes that go on the ends of the bobbin once assembled. Also there is another ring that has holes for the fence and tree (House Bobbin Kit) or for the mouse to stand in (Mice Bobbins). Then there are 12 inner parts (uprights) for the bobbin.

Bobbins 3

First you take one of the end rings and place that flat on the table. Then put glue (PVA or suchlike) on the bottom end of an upright and slot it into the end ring. Do this with 3 more uprights. 

Bobbins 2

Next put glue on the top ends of the uprights and take the other end of the bobbin and slide it onto the 4 uprights.

Bobbins 4

Take another upright and put glue on the bottom then insert into a hole next to one of the 4 uprights (its totally up to you which way round you work) You then need to gently tilt the top or the bobbin upright to allow enough room for the new upright to be positioned into its top hole. Repeat this all the way round until the last one is slotted in .  The holes on the top and bottom are big enough for you to get your fingers into to position the last upright if need be . Once all are in allow the glue to dry then the finishing rings can be glued on and thats the bobbin made. If you wish to glue the house or mice ring on you can but we left the option there so you can use the mice, houses or bobbins for different projects if you wish. 

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